Sidetracked Studio is a full service architecture firm founded on the idea of overlap, realizing that architecture and design are far richer when they move outside their own parameters and allow themselves to be influenced by the world around them.

As a firm, we believe good design comes from inspired collaboration.  Each project presents a unique set of opportunities that allow us to develop a creative solution that maintains our client's intentions and budget.

We understand that inspired design comes from weaving our client's personal style with what is inherently good about their site or space.


Norma Yancey, AIA - principal

Born and raised in small town Arkansas, Norma came to Austin by way of St. Louis, MO where she received her Masters in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis.

Her work is driven by an optimistic outlook and a desire to provide designs that are appropriate and uniquely valuable to each client. 

In addition to her architectural practice, she is an award-winning artist with notable public art installations "Seeing Times Are Not Hidden" and "Thirst" which received the Artistic Innovation & Collaboration grant from the Rauschenberg Foundation.

Before starting Sidetracked, she worked as an architect for Clayton&Little Architects and Baldridge Architects in Austin, TX.



Jake - office dog

Adopted in 2009 at the age of 4, Jake was described as aloof and indifferent. A far better description would be observant and pragmatic.

Part border collie, part australian shepherd, Jake does not fetch, herd, or run. He has a strong aversion to water and is terrified of cats.

Albeit peculiar, he is a gentle boy and a loyal companion.


Architectural Photography by Molly Winters (